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Au Pair House
About the agency:
Au Pair House assists families and au pairs by removing the risk and insecurity when finding an appropriate Au Pair. We’re real people and not just a web based service. We provide personal communication which is so important. Our friendly staff are able to answer any questions you may have from our years of experience working with au pairs and families.
Marco Polo Culture Exchange Program
About the agency:
Marco Polo, the world famous traveller who lived in China for 17 years before returning home with Chinese culture, was perhaps the first person that inspired the fascination of the European people to the Oriental and Chinese culture, which continued ever since. Now for those Marco Polo of today, we have paved a new passage to China that is faster, safer and cheaper! By living with Chinese family, you are provided a quick access to Chinese language and culture, By accompanying Chinese family member, you may grow your experience in living with Chinese people. Meanwhile it is also a proud opportunity to showcase your home culture to Chinese families. What you can expect: 1. Single flight ticket. 2. Free accommodation. 3. Free daily meal. 4. Free insurance in China. 5. Participation Project Award to the value of 2,000RMB. 6. Pocket money to the value of 1,500RMB per month. 7. Free Mandarin class online or offline. 8. A dive into the Chinese culture through the Chinese family life. 9. A shortcut to conversational Chinese learning in the host family. 10. Improve international/life experience.
About the agency:
We are an Agency based in Leganés (Madrid) and our services include cultural exchanges and childcare, organizing Au Pair placements in Host Families in Spain and also abroad.
Star Exchange
About the agency:
Star Exchange is a full service agency located in Germany and China. We are specialised in cultural exchange programs between the Western world and China. Benefits: - no agency fee; no deposit - Mandarin classes (University, private, etc.) - free roundtrip-flights (12 months+) - free insurance - free accommodation - 24/7 Service (Germany + China) -
Hola People
About the agency:
We are an International Language Travel, Work and Education agency. Hola People, with offices in the United Kingdom and Spain, is composed by professionals in the teaching of Spanish and English as a Foreign Language, and is providing a range of highly demanded services in Education, Work, Travel and Culture. We are proud members of the Liverpool Chamber of Commerce, Work & volunteer Abroad, IAPA and AEAAF, and uphold the professional ethics and values of this association. We are also an accredited work placement company by Cooperation Organisation for Vocational Education, Training and the Labour Market (SBB).
About the agency:
We are a private owned aupair agency helping families and aupairs in Denmark, Scandinavia and Europe. Wheather you are a family looking for an aupair, or an aupair looking for a family, we will do our best to help you with our best service and assistance. We emphasize, that it should be easy and personal to use us, to ensure the most satisfied people. Thats why we offer to handle everything for you.
Perfect Way
School Solutions and youth exchange international
About the agency:
School Solutions and Youth Exchange International Inc SSAYEI is an international educational and cultural exchange organization located in the Philippines and has been providing a wide variety of life-changing cultural exchange practices. We create and maintain programs that cultivate leadership abilities expertise, global knowledge and to promote international knowledge and goodwill. We are the leading Au Pair and Internship agency in the Philippines. We match au pairs with families in Europe or USA and we place interns with companies worldwide. We help students and young professionals attend training and internships, cultural exchanges, Au Pair, travel opportunities, and work-study programs and we are dedicated to carefully matching international exchange students with wonderful host families around the world.
Au pair and Care
About the agency:
We are more than au pair´s web, we are point to meet between families and au pairs, nannies, elder´s care, personal teachers and pet´s care.
A2Z Au Pairs
About the agency:
Our Au Pair Agency specialises in cultural exchange and was established in 1994. It is owned and run by Rebecca Haworth-Wood who is a founder member of the British Au Pair Agencies Association and Chair of the BAPAA Executive committee. Rebecca is also a full voting member of the International Au Pair Association
Bunters Au Pair Agency
About the agency:
Bunters Au Pair Agency was established in 1994 by the current owner Caroline Jones. We are founder members of the British Au Pair Agencies Association ( BAPAA) and members of the International Au Pair Agencies Association ( IAPA) We place Au Pairs in families in the United Kingdom. we send all Au Pairs a "Welcome Pack" which included emergency phone number, mobile sim,Au Pair handbooks, details of a Au Pair friends website and app and more. We offer all families full support and advice through the whole placement. We also place Au Pairs in the EU and China via our partner agents
Abroad Counseling Education ( ACE ) Network
About the agency:
Abroad Counseling Education (ACE) Network - Au Pair Agency, Kathmandu Nepal We really focus on quality work. If you need any quality Au-pair from Nepal then you can contact with us we will fulfill your requirements in free of cost. Greetings! From Abroad Counseling Education (ACE) Network Pvt. Ltd. We Abroad Counseling Education (ACE) Network Pvt. Ltd, located in the capital city of Nepal, Kathmandu city, that is in Dillibazar. We do have link with different kindergarten, schools, colleges, nursing colleges, caregiver training institute in Nepal due to which we can have quality Au-pair from Nepal so we are getting Au Pair profile day by day because of our good work and goodwill. We are deeply interested to work with you for a long-term and as a supporting nature in any type of information. Our main aim is to be a genuine sole agent in the field of Au-pair in Nepal. We would also like to assure you that working with us will surely be beneficial to you. You can see new from trusted Agency site named IAPA ( International Au Pair Association) :
Accueil International Services
About the agency:
We have been running the business for more than 30 years. Our placements are in Paris region. We are looking for long-term candidates for a school year from September till July. All candidates must have a background in French language, be over 18 years and interested in the French culture.
AFJ Aupair
About the agency:
Our agency is based in Nice in the South of France and we place all over the South up Lyon. We have been placing au pairs since 1984. We are members of IAPA and UFAAP .
Agencia de Movilidad Juvenil MULTIDESTINO
About the agency:
We are located in Valladolid, the city in Spain known for speaking the best and most proper form of Spanish! Day in and day out it is considered to be a young and modern city because of the university atmosphere. If you want to come as au-pair, you will have the opportunity to meet young people and we will help you look for leisure activities (e.g. Spanish courses), sport facilities, youth associations, etc. Due to our knowledge and experience we know that your stay will be very comfortable and unforgettable. If you are a family, our Spanish au-pairs are university students with experience working with children through babysitting, teaching, working in summer camps or previous experience as au-pair in other countries. We understand the difficulties that might exist when you live in a foreign country or host a person from another culture. That is the reason why we will be involved with everything that goes on. We want to make sure there is a smooth transition amongst all parties. Eduardo de Miguel Director
About the agency:
Aicap was founded in 1987 and since then, our agency offers various programs for youth who would like to spend some time in another country, studying or working, in order to learn or improve a language. With a personal interview Aicap can guide you about all the programs available that will best suit their needs, desires and preferences, depending also on their level of language of the country you would like to visit. During the period of their stay, a staff member of our agency is always available to help with any problems that may arise. Whenever you need, you can contact him / her. Members of our staff, enjoy years of experience as well as our entire confidence. The seriousness of our work, the quality of the offered programmes, the careful selection of our staff members abroad, the personal attention that the participants of all our programmes enjoy during their stay in a foreign country makes our service to the most professional and complete one of the market.
Albion Education
About the agency:
Our company Albion Education is a leading educational agency, specializing in recruiting students for studies and exchange programmes abroad. We focus on 4 main areas: • Programme Au-Pair ; • Secondary education abroad; • Language courses for children and adults in the UK, USA and Germany; • Higher education in the US, UK and German Universities. The Company’s main offices are in Eastbourne, the UK and in Kyiv, Ukraine. Also we have 8 representative offices, which are located in different regions of Ukraine. Au-pair is our unique field of work as for the last years we sent more than 300 young hard-working enthusiastic people from Ukraine. Our company’s success in the Au-Pair programme is the result of our team work. 37 talented professionals work at Albion Education. Recruiters organize seminars and exhibition for students, advertise the programmes. Officers from the visa department generate the required documents for visa and prepare candidates for the interview at the Embassies. IT-specialist works in the full-equipped conference room, organizes everything needed for the interviews via Skype, webmasters help to promote the programmes on the Internet and social nets. We have a separate department for our au-pairs. Employees of the Ukrainian office fluently speak and write English and Germany and it is a pleasure for us to deal with the foreign partners.
Allgäu Aupair -
About the agency:
We are based in the very South of Germany, a tourist region famous for its leisure activities one can do here: we have mountains (the ALPS), lakes (most famous is Lake Constance) and the countries Austria and Switzerland are just around the corner. Life is good here, we have a lot to offer! Check us out!
Andar por el mundo
About the agency:
Andar por el Mundo: We received and sent Au Pars. We are from Neiva and Bogotá - Colombia
About the agency:
APITU has been successfully placing au pairs in France and abroad for 25 years. We are a well established agency and an active member of both UFAAP and IAPA and therefore, we offer a professional and comprehensive service. Our team is bilingual and has experience living, working and studying abroad so you can rely on us to offer you the best cultural exchange possible. Depuis 25 ans l'association APITU oeuvre pour offrir à des jeunes français et des familles français le meilleur de l'échange culturel Au Pair. Nous proposons aujourd'hui plus de 15 programmes pour les jeunes et sommes heureux d'aider les familles françaises à accueillir un(e) Au pair. Nous sommes membres de l'UFAAP, IAPA et autres organismes garantissant la qualité et le professionnalisme de nos services
Associazione InCo - Interculturalità & Comunicazione
About the agency:
InCo Association (Interculturality & Communication) is a non-profit organization established in 2004 by a group of friends who wanted to develop international exchange and intercultural sensitivity in youngsters. InCo strongly believes that the personal contact with people of other cultures furthers mutual understanding, intercultural sensitivity and a peaceful living together between people of different cultures. In order to offer young people the opportunity to meet personally youngsters from other cultures InCo creates exchange and learning opportunities for youngsters through raising awareness and international project. The instruments InCo uses are the Au Pair program, the European Voluntary Service, International Youth exchanges and other International Voluntary programs.
Astute Education Network
Au pair & Travels
About the agency:
We are an agency from Colombia Called Au pair & Travels, we have been working in the au pair business for 8 years, sending au pairs to a different countries such a Germany, EE.UU The Netherlands, France, Belgium and China. We are members in our country of the ASCAAP association and internationally in the IAPA organization as well. We are glad to say that our applicants have high values and the attitude to response the Au pair program standards always.
Au Pair Alternative Thailand
About the agency:
Welcome to Au Pair Alternative Thailand! Au pair Alternative is Au Pair agency, providing consultation of significant information and advice concerning Au pair program in Europe which suits individual’s circumstance and needs, additionally offering service related to matters of letter to profile making, interview preparation, assistance with host family screening & searching, Au Pair visa application, English language course for Au Pairs and 24/7 support for the entire program. With our online services via phone, emails, or even social media, you save more time and everything is proceeded more conveniently. Direct contact with embassies and immigration department of each country assures reliability over visa application process. Collaboration with trustworthy Au Pair agencies and performing our work according to local law, make you feel secured and supported. VISION We aim to reinforce child wellbeing, international goodwill and cultural understanding between Thailand and European countries while equalizing an educational opportunity for young people to develop their competency and quality of life. MISSION To offer a new alternative in operation for Au Pair applicants, by offering a free application and affordable service fees without add-ups, and flexibility in payment, the service which truly fulfills applicants’ individual and particular needs without unnecessary obligations. Au Pair Alternative's work ethic is upon honest, truthfulness, straightforwardness, fairness and maintenance of global standard. Aside from our professional service, we put a lot of effort and energy to promote an equal opportunity for education in all social classes, at the same time, ensuring a wonderful exchange year for both Au Pair and host family. Best Wishes, Patsara S. Director
Au Pair Exclusive
About the agency:
Au Pair Exclusive is a Dutch organisation that provides tailored flexible child care services within a Cultural Exchange Program. We match families with au pairs around the world. We are specialized in candidates from the philipines and place them world wide. But also candidates from South Africa, Ecador, Colombia and Indonesia. Feel free to contact us.
Au Pair Time
Au Pair Vietnam
About the agency:
Our company was established in 2005 and officially registered in 2007. The company’s name is ACADEMIC SERVICE COOPERATION INTERNATIONAL COMPANY LIMITED as known as ASCI. Aupair Vietnam is of 3 brands of ASCI. I attached our company’s registration for your references. AUPAIR VIETNAM is the first organisation in the field of exchange culture programmes since 2005, which means we have more than 10-year-experience in doing this. We are very proud of having sent over 1,000 Vietnamese young people to countries such as the United States of America, Germany, Austria, France, Spain, and the Netherlands. Aupair Vietnam is headquartered in Hanoi, the capital city of our country. We have representative offices in Ho Chi Minh and Hai Phong with over 40 staff. Besides, Aupair Vietnam has been connecting with over twenty professional partners worldwide, which are members of the greatest associations in our field. We are also very proud of being the first and the only member of IAPA from Vietnam. Please find more info through
About the agency:
Au Pays Des Langues is an au pair agency based in France. We offer to french students to live an international experience to improve their foreign language, but also to open their mind. We offer them follow up through their stay. We do our best to find the right candidate to the right family. Hope to help you soon !
Au Pays Deslangues
About the agency:
We are an au pair agency based in France. We offer to french student the opportunity to live an international experience. We follow our students up trough their stay and we do our best to find the right candidate to the right family. Hope to help you soon !
Aula inglés
About the agency:
Aula inglés organices short term and long term stays for Spanish aupairs willing to live a gap abroad, and also finds the right foreign au pair for Spanish families. All our au pairs receive training and we believe in excellence in customer service and provide a help line during all the placement. Right matches determine the best placements.
Au-Pair Agency Zubke
Au-Pair Agentur Zubke
Aupair Centre
About the agency:
We are a german language school based in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. Our core business is train female and male Au pairs who want to live and work in Europe. Currently we have been sending our Aupairs to Germany but we can send them to any other countries which your organisation is represented.
Aupair Denmark Official Au pair Agency
About the agency:
The term "au pair" is French and means "equal to, mutuality." It implies that giving and taking between you and your host family should be well-balanced. The AuPair Agency Denmark was established in 2007 and we have successfully placed hundreds of Au Pairs in our great Danish Swedish And Norvegian host families. Our office is conveniently located in the center of Denmarks capital Copenhagen and through our open-door-policy we always welcome you to visit us.
Aupair Suchen
Au-pair Vermittlung Eugen Grenz
About the agency:
Hallo, wir möchten uns kurz bei Ihnen vorstellen. Unser Unternehmen ist eine kleine und dynamische Au-pair-Agentur, die im Sommer 2010 in Stadt Waldeck (Hessen) gegründet wurde. Im Herbst 2011 sind wir nach Frankfurt am Main umgezogen, und sind seit dem in der Finanzmetropole – Frankfurt ansässig. Wir bieten unsere Leistungen professionell und preiswert an und achten auf ein gesundes Maß an Vertrauen zwischen Au-pair und der Gastfamilie. Bereits im Vorfeld prüfen wir die Ihnen von uns empfohlenen Au-pairs. Gern würden wir Sie als unseren neuen Kunden begrüßen. Überzeugen Sie sich von dem Leistungsumfang unserer Au-pair-Agentur!
About the agency:
Som bureau har vi meget stor erfaring og ekspertise. Vi kan guide og råde jer hele vejen gennem processen. Det er et stort ansvar, så derfor er det vigtig, at du kan søge råd og hjælp hos os. Vi har stort fokus på at støtte familierne i valget af au pair, så alle bliver tilfredse og glade og trygt kan overlade deres børn, til den au pair vi finder sammen. Derfor står vi også til rådighed, både under og efter kontrakten er underskrevet
About the agency:
AupairMeeting is an Agency based in Leganés (Madrid) and our services include cultural exchanges and childcare, organizing Au Pair/Demi-Pair placements in Host Families in Spain and also abroad. We have partners in United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Australia and the USA
Azriel Agency
About the agency:
We are a reliable, affordable and experienced Child Care Agency. We provide Au Pairs, Au Pair Plus, Mothers' Help, Babysitters and Nannies to host families all around the greater London area. All our staffs are DBS-checked, fully trained and experienced in carrying out their duties tactfully.
About the agency:
My agency is based in Berlin the capital of Germany but I have families from all over Germany and I am looking for Au-Pairs from all over the world.
Best Au pair Barcelona
About the agency:
BAB is an agency that caters for foreign students offering their services as Au pairs/Nannies with families according to their qualifications, experience and the needs of the families. BAB also caters for the needs of Families requiring an Au pair (a person living with a family for a period of time- from several months up to a year) or a Nannie. With our programme we offer you the possibility for your children to practise a foreign language. Enrolment on our page is free. Simply enter in “Au pair” /”Nannie”or “Families” in the space provided and fill in the form without any obligation. Our agency will contact you by mail or by phone depending on your preferences. You can also ask for information on this phone number 0034 679628119.
BusyBee Au Pairs
About the agency:
We place Au Pairs nationwide with Host families in the UK. We provide a free service to any Au Pair who contacts us looking for a host family. We provide a specialist health & travel Au Pair Insurance policy.
Cultural Experience
Culturalcare Canada
About the agency:
The Cultural Care Au Pair program in the USA combines a life-changing cultural exchange experience with your passion; childcare. For at least 12 months, you’ll have the opportunity to work with children, study, earn a living and travel as an au pair in the USA. You will become part of a carefully selected American host family, and help care for their children all while experiencing real life in the USA. The program is regulated by the U.S. Department of State and if you are curious about living abroad for a year, Cultural Care Au Pair might be the right program for you.
Dartfort International educational Consultancy
Early Bird China
About the agency:
With its main offices in Beijing and Guangzhou, China, Early Bird International Cultural Exchange has been specializing in providing qualified cultural exchange programs and internship programs to youth from all over the world. Since 2007, we have successfully added hundreds of our participants to our program as "Cultural Ambassadors". We offer an assortment of programs from interning, cultural exchange, teaching English and traveling. By placing our participants in a home stay, we provide a fully immersive cultural experience. We care, we serve, we value our program's participants. All Early Bird's staff has an international background and are dedicated to offering the highest standard of service. In addition, ensuring the participant's safety is our top priority. Don't miss you chance to experience China! Early Bird International Cultural Exchange is a premier operator of cultural exchange programs in China. Early Bird offers young people from around the world a chance to experience Chinese life and culture close-up. As part of our programs, we provide our participants with Chinese class, monthly cultural activities and more. We carefully pre-screen all of our host families to ensure that they are suitable for our program, and all of our program participants receive a pre-program orientation containing information about life in China and how to deal with problems which may arise during the program. We provide 24-hour emergency support for our program participants and are always there when you need us.
euro pair agency
About the agency:
we place French Au Pairs with British families in the UK
Family Match
About the agency:
Free introduction and placement with Australian host families - 20years experience
Fée rêvée
About the agency:
Non-profit association located in Paris area, Fée rêvée is specialized in Au pair, Demi-pair and Tutoring, Volunteering and J-1 Visa since 2005 and is your referee for cultural exchange and linguistic improvement. The Association places students in host families and offers to create a lively and personalized link between them. The Association is an active member of the French Union of the Au pair agencies and of the International Au Pair Association. Those federations take an inventory of qualified organisms which are focused on cultural exchange. We respect a code of conduct ensuring better service guarantee, loyalty and reliability. We offer placements all year long and deal with finding the dreamed family. Our local correspondents and Fée rêvée stay at your disposal during your entire your stay. More than 1.000 French host families and 2.600 young people have already put their trust in us
About the agency:
FollowthExperience is a young and dynamic cultural exchange and Auparing agency working Italy and wordwilde. We help Italian young girls and boys to find a hostfamily and Italian families, British and Australian finding the right Aupair for them. We also organize work experience in Ireland in the agriculture field.
Free Aupairagency In Denmark
About the agency:
My name is Lina and I am the Director of Aupairagency was founded as an Agency in 2009 in the Herlev area in the formative years of the Au Pair experience becoming more widespread in the Dk. I opened au pair agency because i could see this big need to ahve an au pair. And since then I have run it as my family business. I have three children and we were a host family for many Au Pairs over a period of 10 years. So I pride myself as having personal experience and insight in au pairs and familys. If you are family or au pair i would like to help you. We do not take money from au pairs!
About the agency:
We provide screened host families, emergency services and make sure each au pair is safe and being paid according to the contract.
Great Help Agency
About the agency:
We are au pair agency based in The United Kingdom. We place European au pairs and mothers help with British families who host the au pair and feed them.
iCXC Aupair China
About the agency:
iCXC( International Culture Exchange Co.,Ltd) , with the original name of Shenzhen Au Pair Center, is founded in 2011 and dedicated to introduce foreign au pairs into China and has introduced over 700 au pairs to numerous host families in China. We are professional in helping au pairs to deal with au pair process of application,host family selection,match and rematch, etc. We will provide weekly Chinese class/monthly culture class/quarterly various activities/visa assistance/accident insurance/monthly pocket money/services to communication with family in your whole duration/provide SIM card and metro card after arrival/return ticket/completion bonus/certificate etc.
International Au Pair Italy
About the agency:
we are promoting cultural exchanges, specialized in the search and selection of young worldwide people and host Italian families
International Culture Exchange Co.,Ltd
About the agency:
International Culture Exchange Co., Ltd( hereinafter referred to as iCXC ), previously called Shenzhen Au Pair International Cultural Exchange Co., Ltd, started to operate since 2008 and renamed in 2016.    iCXC is a specialized organization with various programs, including Au Pair Program, Chinese Cultural Exchange Program, Internship Program, Exchange Student Program and Summer & Winter Camp Program. These kinds of programs aim to provide a chance to Chinese students to go abroad or invite foreign students to visit China in a professional manner. We are here to help our students to get a chance to embrace the exotic culture. Meanwhile, they could achieve their objectives of self-recognition by joining our programs.
JCR Au Pairs and Nannies
About the agency:
JCR Au Pairs and Nannies helps Australian families find the best German, French, Dutch and English au pairs for their family’s live-in childcare and home help needs. JCR also places young Australians around the world as live-in au pairs or nannies in the UK, USA, Canada, Italy, France, Spain, Germany, The Netherlands and New Zealand. JCR is committed to the highest levels of support before and throughout their placements.
Kap Au Pair Job
About the agency:
Agence spécialisée dans le placement des jeunes de 18 à 28 ans. Séjours au pair proposés en Angleterre, Ecosse, Irlande, Espagne, Italie, Allemagne, Pays-Bas, USA, Australie, Nouvelle-Zélande. L'agence place aussi les jeunes filles étrangères dans les familles françaises. Suivi personnalisé. Départ tout au long de l'année.
About the agency:
Agency specialized in the Au Pair program in Spain and in Germany.
Marco Polo Culture Exchange Program
MultiKultur e.K.
About the agency:
nos somos uma agencia afiliada com a agencia Americana Credenciada pela imigracao GREAT AU PAIR . fazemos todo o processo de programa de intercambio AU Pair e outros programas tambem , nossos consutores sao estrangeiros Norte Americanos que reside no Brasil . tambem fazemos o processo de visto de intercambio AU Pair J-1 e outros .
Perfect Au Pairs Australia
Planet Au Pair
About the agency:
Planet Au Pair, founded in 1992, is an au pair agency that provides young people with the opportunity to have an unforgettable experience in Spain, France, Germany, Austria, Italy, England, Ireland, Scotland or the USA as an Au Pair. Our agency also provides host families in Spain the opportunity to host an au pair that will teach English, German or French to their kids so they can learn quickly and speak the language like a native just like their au pair does.
Protegee International Aupairs
About the agency:
We are a premium Aupair placement based in Harare. We specialise in outgoing Aupair placements.
About the agency:
Servihogar was founded in 2004. We are founding member of AEPA, Spanish AuPair Association and Full votting member IAPA international AuPair Association.
Speedy Childcare Ltd
About the agency:
We run an Au Pair Agency based in Southampton but we cover the whole UK, we are a friendly team and go that further step to help as much as we can even throughout the families contract with our Au Pairs. We also supply Adhoc and babysitting childcare for parents.
Star Exchange
About the agency: / [email] We are a German company specialized in cultural exchange with China. The best thing is: You will have two, a Chinese and a Western, program coordinator during your whole stay, and thus, you do not need to speak any Chinese before going to China. Star Exchange even offers you FREE programs such as - Au Pair in China - Teacher in China (for native speakers) -or other great opportunities like - Internship in China- Intenseive Chinese Language Classes - Summer Camp Just have a look at our website or get in touch: / [email] Deutschen Familien bieten wir die Möglichkeit, ein chinesisches Au-Pair bei sich daheim aufzunehmen. Auch in diesem Fall stehen zwei Betreuer zur Verfügung (chinesisch & deutsch). Für nähere Informationen werfen Sie bitte einen Blick auf unsere Website oder schreiben sie uns direkt: / [Email] Wir freuen uns auf Sie! :-)
Tofriend Au Pair Shanghai China
About the agency:
we are an agency here in china and we had experience of matching more than 200 au pairs to china, you can submit your registration with us thru: and we will contact you for the matching process.
Wi Education
Worldwide job
About the agency:
WorldWide Job is a well-known organization located in Bogotá, Colombia founded on 2012 which aim to promote cultural exchange and work/study programs abroad to our Colombian youth, providing expert screening and assistance by experienced advisors, recruiters and licensed teachers. Our AuPair applicants provide dependable, affordable and expert in home childcare services for host families in different countries. Currently we have applicants in Germany, Holland, France, USA and Asia.
Yummy Mummy Helpers
About the agency:
Created by a yummy mummy to help other yummy mummys to find quality childcare and live in care/home helps for their older relatives with solutions to exactly match both yours and their needs. We supply: Nanny's, Mothers Helps, Au-Pairs and Housekeepers and many other household helpers. As your parents or grandparents age we now offer quality Live In Carers/Home Helps who will care for your elderly family with complete trust and compassion. Giving you complete peace of mind. All at a budget to suit your exact needs. We pride ourselves on the quality of service. Whether its a few days, weeks, months or years we can help.
A.PER Deutschland
ABC Au Pairs
ABC Nannies Canada
Active Abroad
Agence Julia Steiner
Agence NAPP
Agence Pipelettes
Agentur No Limits Afrika
AIFS Au Pair
Aktiv International Au Pair Vermittlung
Allstars Agency
AMERICAN international education consultancy Pvt. Ltd.
Ape Au Pair & Education
Atlantis Exchange
Au Pair & Job
Au pair Agentur Stern
Au pair Australia
Au Pair Conecta
Au Pair Haus
Au Pair in America
Au Pair in Spain. Culture & Friends
Au Pair Interactive Holland Bv
Au Pair Link Limited
Au Pair Mexico
Au pair Network Australia
Au pair Paris
Au Pair Shanghai
Au Pairs by Pebbles
Aupair 50plus
Aupair Adventure
Au-Pair Agentur Cefelin
Au-pair Agentur Go-pair
Aupair First
Aupair reisen
AuPair to the World
Au-pair Vermittlung
Au-pair Vermittlung Giebner-Meisel
AuPairCare Germany / Ayusa International e.V. -
Avon Au Pairs
Ayusa-intrax GmbH
B-lingual Experience
Bonne International
Connect 2 Worlds
Cultural Care Au Pair
Cultural Care Au Pair Danmark
Culturalcare Agentina
Culturalcare Australia
Culturalcare Austria
Culturalcare Brazil
Culturalcare China
Culturalcare Colombia
Culturalcare Czech Republic
Culturalcare France
Culturalcare Germany
Culturalcare Hugary
Culturalcare Ireland
Culturalcare Italy
Culturalcare Mexico
Culturalcare Netherlands
Culturalcare New Zealand
Culturalcare Norway
Culturalcare South Africa
Culturalcare Spain
Culturalcare Sweden
Culturalcare Switzerland
Culturalcare Taiwan
Elite Au pairs Canada
Energy Au pair
Energy Au Pair
FAIR PAIR - Die AuPair Agentur
Fundación Mundo Colombia
Globally Students
goAUPAIR Operations LLC
Grapecare UK
Happy au pair
Heavenly Au Pairs Ltd
Home Star Childcare
House o Orange Au Pairs
House o Orange Au Pairs RSA
Inter Europe Au Pairs
Interaupair Kft
International Au-Pairs Language Abroad
International Career Partners
International Education & Trading
INWOX e.K. Au-pair
KA Au Pair Agency
Les enfants d'abord
Living Au Pair Association Noto
LPI Learning
Manchester Au Pairs
Motherbird au pair
Mums the Word
My Family AuPair GbR
My Happy Family
Oliver Twist
oui si yes
Pannonia aupairs
pme Familienservice GmbH
Premier Au Pairs
Prestige Au Pairs Ltd
RC Aupairs
SK Dublin Au Pairs
Smart Au pair Programme
Solution Au Pair
Spanish au pair
STS Au Pair Sweden
Sunflower agency
Sunny Smiles
Surrey Au-pair Agency
The English Corner
Triple C au pair
u Pair Connections
Wind Connections
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